Best-selling gaming headset and accessory maker Turtle Beach Corporation (Nasdaq: HEAR) has announced three new colorways – Red, Nebula, and Pixel Green – are now available for its Designed for Xbox Turtle Beach® REACT-R® Controller. These exciting new REACT-R Controller colorways join the original Black and White/Lavender options, further expanding Turtle Beach’s growing catalog of top-rated game controllers. Not only do the new Red, Nebula, and Pixel Green REACT-R Controller colorways offer gamers more options to suit their style, but they also improve upon the original by featuring two additional rumble motors for added vibration effects.


Since its release, the REACT-R Controller has impressed Xbox and PC gamers by providing them with premium wired controller performance at an affordable price. Turtle Beach’s new Red, Nebula, and Pixel Green REACT-R Controller colorways are available today from and participating retailers in Denmark.
REACT-R offers gamers one of the best, most affordable controllers for Xbox and PC, with unmatched audio features at its price point,” said Cris Keirn, Interim CEO & SVP of Global Sales, Turtle Beach Corporation. “We’re excited to upgrade the REACT-R Controller with improved rear trigger motors and to expand the range with these exciting new colors.”


Gamers on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PCs can plug in any wired 3.5mm headset into the REACT-R Controller for an instant audio upgrade that includes Turtle Beach’s patented and exclusive Superhuman Hearing® sound setting. Superhuman Hearing has been shown to provide a competitive advantage by letting players hear key audio cues like approaching enemy footsteps, nearby enemy weapon reloads, and approaching enemy vehicles in the distance. Controls for game and chat volume balance and mic mute are also perfectly integrated into the controller for easy access while gaming.


Gamers will be able to play longer and stay in control thanks to the REACT-R Controller’s ergonomic shape and textured grips, handles, and triggers. Two mappable quick-action buttons on the backside of the controller let players customize their controls for quicker reactions. Gamers will feel the rumble of explosions and the recoil of gunshots with vibration feedback thanks to dual rumble motors in the REACT-R’s handles and near the triggers. The REACT-R Controller is the perfect companion for any wired gaming headset, such as Turtle Beach’s best-selling Recon 70 or Recon 50 series headsets.