Tambu Games is more than thrilled to announce the release of Soulkin demo at Steam Next Fest. Soulkin is a tactical roguelite that blends monster-collecting and strategic turn-based combat. You’ll get to play as Nadia, a heroine who has the power of Souls that allows her to bond with magical creatures. Nadia has been summoned to fight the corruption that has been taking over Ankiril.

With Steam Next Fest closing in, you will be able to try out the Soulkin demo for yourself starting today on Steam

“Our vision for ‘Soulkin’ is to deliver a gameplay-centric experience filled with strategic depth and endless replayability. Each session presents unique challenges with dynamically generated battles and events, pushing players to refine their tactics and strategies. Complemented by charming art that brings the world of Ankiril to life, the current demo focuses on core gameplay. While we are actively developing the rich lore to enhance the narrative in the full version, this demo allows players to immerse themselves in the tactical complexities and enchanting visuals that define ‘Soulkin,’ offering a preview of the adventure and storytelling that will continue to evolve.”

Soulkin key features: 

  • Strategic and Tactical Combat: Use your wits to overcome great challenges, each battle will require tactical positioning and smart use of your Soulkin’s abilities

  • Join Forces with Soulkin: Collect and befriend more Soulkin as you venture through the charming world of Ankiril. Grow your roster of Soulkin and use them to their full potential! 

  • Challenging and Rewarding Progression: Progress through countless challenges throughout the game. The more you overcome, the stronger you grow! Unlock new stronger abilities and more powerful Soulkin as you progress.

  • Dynamic Runs: Each chapter offers a fresh and unique gameplay experience with dynamic maps, battles, and events. This ensures varied and exciting playthroughs every time, keeping the gameplay consistently engaging and unpredictable.

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Discord Link: https://discord.gg/StmQ3sfqpD