Developer Game Island and publisher Toplitz Productions are pleased to announce the playtest for their exciting first-person survival adventure game SERUM is now live on Steam for PC.

The playtest will run for a week, giving brave survivors another unique opportunity to provide developer Game Island with valuable feedback on the game and a great opportunity for players to explore two of the game’s biomes in an updated version as it prepares for launch on Steam early access in a matter of weeks.

With a thrilling narrative that drives the player forward under the pressure of time, SERUM will put players to the ultimate test as they seek out ways of surviving a brutal world and uncovering a deadly conspiracy. The playtest will give gamers a chance to delve into the game’s mechanics and explore different abilities and strategies through crafting and serum brewing.

“At this stage in the game’s development, player feedback is still as crucial as ever to optimize the player experience. Steam Next Fest was great as a platform to share what we’ve been working on these past few months and gain insights from the community in highlighting areas to tweak further. This latest playtest puts our latest enhancements through their paces, including the game’s new Serum brewing UI,” said Game Island CEO Micha? Ojrzy?ski.

Players interested in joining the Serum playtest should apply for access through the game’s official Steam page. There, they will also be able to stay up to date with the latest news and updates, which reveal more about the world, crafting, and the macabre dangers that players will encounter in the game.

After accessing the playtest, players are invited to leave developer Game Island their constructive feedback via the game’s dedicated Discord channel here.

Serum will launch on PC early access at the end of Q2.

Check out the exciting new SERUM playtest trailer here: