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11 juni 2024

Here comes Rubber Royale, a new casual battle royale from the makers of Rubber Bandits


Flashbulb Games bounces from excitement as their upcoming silly, high-energy ragdoll brawler Rubber Royale makes the grand appearance at the Steam Next Fest from October 9th to October 16th. Join the topsy-turvy joy! You can play the free Rubber Royale demo now on Steam!

This newest launch of the Rubber IP follows the style of the successful Rubber Bandits that just supassed one million players on Steam.

“We believe a casual royale with all the chaos and wackiness from Rubber Bandits was the next logical step.” 

Flashbulb Games

Experience wacky and chaotic gameplay featuring loveable wobbly idiots in a high-speed knock-out setting. Rubber Royale is easy to pick up and learn. Just jump in, customize your character, and battle strangers or friends in a variety of different game modes with the last man standing being the victor in this crazy royale fiesta of a game.

Rubber Royale features 16 players (8 for the demo) battling each other in three different game modes: Racing, Knock-out, and Throw-out. Goofy, addictive and chaotic fun awaits the casual game fans with hilarious gameplay.

The game is packed with:

  • Instant action

  • Big, destructible arenas

  • A diverse arsenal of weapons to pick up

  • Classic, easy-to-understand game modes

This live-multiplayer will receive continuous support with interchanging game modes, characters and more to keep the game exciting and relevant!

Watch the smashing trailer on YouTube:

Rubber Royale will be released in 2024.

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