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3 december 2022


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League of Legends 12.12 Store Update

Riot Games just revealed the League of Legends Store update for patch 12.12 that includes multiple changes including the Essence Emporium returning, adding mythic chromas, Ashen Knight Pantheon and...

VALORANT reveals Comic Crossover Event

Riot Games just revealed VALORANT Episode 5, Act 1 Cosmic Crossover Event that includes an exclusive battle pass to celebrate the new map, Pearl. The event pass is free for...

Be among the first to deal out Rough Justice in Seneca City!

Do what it takes to make your fledgling security agency thrive in this 80s noir crime bustin', dirty crossing, vengeance-seeking board game inspired strategy game with dice and cards.  Released,...

gamigo levels up for climate

The gamigo group joins the Playing for the Planet Alliance to take action for the planet together with more than 35 gaming companies. gamigo is proud to announce that it became...

Fractured Online Free Week Begins Today

Jump into the fray and begin your adventure through the world of Fractured Online! gamigo and Dynamight Studios are excited to announce the free week for the first truly dynamic,...