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23 juni 2024

Valheim todays rounds 2,5 million copies sold


Valheim is the hottest early access game at the moment, and the Viking odyssey is constantly reaching new milestones.

Today, the game’s Swedish developer – Iron Gate – announced that Valheim has sold 2,5 million copies since the release on February 2.

It only took about five days for the second million to be torn off the shelves. In comparison, it took nine days from the game’s launch until the first million were sold, which shows just how popular Valheim has grown. In the past weekend alone, half a million copies were sold.

At the time of writing, Valheim is the third most popular game on Steam – only behind CS: GO and Dota 2. It has thus climbed past PUBG, and reached a peak of 391,000 simultaneous players this weekend – which held to 10th place among all Steam games ever.

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