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14 april 2024

VALORANT launches a new skin line EGO by OneTap!


VALORANT launches yet another stylish skin line, called EGO by OneTap. A moment to explore global style and streetwear taste for players.

You can find a fact sheet below containing a product description, thematic goals as well as pricing and bundle info.


Product Description

“For those who dare to be bold, let your success speak for you.”

EGO by OneTap is modern, iconic, global, and stylish. Let your real world style aesthetics shine in game.

Thematic Goals

EGO By Onetap is VALORANT’s exploration into real-world style. A moment to explore global style and streetwear taste for players in our game. For those gamers who play with style, care about expression, and want to become showstoppers, EGO draws on present-day style to ground the theme and eliminate any distractions of alt fantasies to put you front and center.

Key Features

Price Tier:

PE tier

• Ghost – 1775 VP
• Stinger – 1775 VP
• Guardian – 1775 VP
• Vandal – 1775 VP
• Melee – 3550 VP
• Bundle – 7100 VP


• Ghost
• Stinger
• Guardian
• Vandal
• Melee

Bundle Info:

7100 VP

Bundle includes:

• EGO by OneTap Ghost
• EGO by OneTap Stinger
• EGO by OneTap Guardian
• EGO by OneTap Vandal
• EGO by OneTap Melee
• EGO by OneTap Player Card
• EGO by OneTap Spray
• EGO by OneTap Gun Buddy


• 3 Color Variants

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