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Rising Tides is coming for Legends of Runeterra


Rising Tides is coming for Legends of Runeterra

Rising Tides is Legends of Runeterra’s first new set of cards and launches on PC and Mobile starting on April 28th. The release will roll out with Patch 1.0 on PC and mobile and be completed by April 30th. Note: LoR will not be launching in China or Vietnam at this time.

What’s in the set: 

Rising Tides is Legends of Runeterra’s first new set of cards and arrives with launch! The new set will add a whole new region, Bilgewater, for players to explore and build around. 

In the treacherous harbor of Bilgewater, locals live and die by one code: take whatever you can. Pirate gangs never pass up a chance to plunder, swindlers and rogues keep the next big score in their sights, and monsters of the deep devour entire ships without warning.

Playing Bilgewater brings a slew of options to take enemies by surprise and shoot holes in their plans. You win by bombarding your opponent with attacks they just can’t deal with, and when it’s time to sink or swim, you’ll have all the firepower you need to pull it off.

In addition to Bilgewater, Rising Tides will add:

  • Over 120 new cards
    • Over 60 cards for Bilgewater
    • 60 for the original six regions
  • 11 new Champions:
    • Miss Fortune, Fizz, Gangplank, Twisted Fate, Swain, Quinn, and more!
    • 5 for Bilgewater, 1 for each of the original six regions
  • 6 brand new keywords:
    • Attune: When I’m summoned, refill 1 spell mana.
      • A subtle keyword, Attune helps pay for cheap spells that Bilgewater decks like by giving you an extra spell mana.
    • Scout: The first time only Scout units attack each round, ready your attack.
      • Use your scouts to get the initial hit and clear the way for the rest of your units. When paired with a card like Miss Fortune, you’ll also chip away at the opponent with every attack.
    • Vulnerable: The enemy can challenge this unit, forcing it to block.
      • Reverse challenger! Useful for letting your units get through to enable Plunder, but also to drag priority targets into combat. 
    • Plunder: A card triggers its plunder ability when played if you damaged the enemy Nexus this round.
      • Plunder is a big mechanic for Bilgewater, and most archetypes will either enable Plunder (small random damage to the enemy nexus) or play cards that have the Plunder keyword. 
    • Deep: I have +3|+3 once your deck has had 15 or fewer cards left.
      • Most often found on units with the Sea Monster subtype. Deep makes for a terrifying deck that relies on delaying your opponent while you Toss cards out of your deck and go Deep, unleashing the power of your briny beasts.
    • Toss: Obliterate X non-champion cards from the bottom of your deck.
      • Toss is the main way to get your deck Deep! Typically Toss should be considered in the context of Deep and Sea Monsters, as it looks a little strange on its own.
  • Brand new cosmetic items:
    • 2 new Guardians
      • Baley and Powder Monkey
    • Slaughter Docks, a Bilgewater-themed board
    • 10 new emotes (available for 190 Coins each)
    • 10 card backs
      • 1 per region (earned through completing a Region Roads)
      • Garen, Jinx, and Yasuo card backs (available for 490 Coins each)

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