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Riot Forge releases DLC for Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story


New BOOMBOX DLC Showcases Top Tracks Inspired by League of Legends Including POP/STARS by K/DA and GIANTS by True Damage

Today Riot Forge revealed that DLC for Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story™ is now available for purchase.

Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story™ is a rhythm runner developed by Choice Provisions, creators of the BIT.TRIP series. Set in the League of Legends universe, players step into the explosive shoes of Ziggs and must perform bomb-jumps and bomb-attacks to the beat of a toe-tapping soundtrack, to avoid obstacles, disarm enemies, and light fuses for satisfying and explosive chain reactions to achieve maximum mayhem.

Now, players can experience some of Riot Games’ most iconic tracks from the past decade with the release of the BOOMBOX DLC packs, allowing Ziggs to explode to the beat of many notable music moments from League of Legends history, while dressed appropriately with a special themed skin included with each set.

The three BOOMBOX DLC packs are:

  • POP/STARZ – featuring THE BADDEST and chart-topping hits MORE and POP/STARS, from virtual pop girl group K/DA. This DLC pack also includes the K/DA Ziggs skin.
  • ZEGENDS NEVER DIE – featuring RISE, Phoenix, and Legends Never Die, three incredible tracks that previously premiered during the League of Legends World Championships. This DLC pack also includes the Pro Gamer Ziggs skin.
  • GET ZINXED – featuring Get Jinxed, Warsongs: Piercing Light, and GIANTS by True Damage, the League of Legends supergroup.This DLC pack also includes the True Damage Ziggs skin.

The three BOOMBOX DLC packs are now available to purchase on Nintendo Switch™, PC via Steam®, GOG.com, and the Epic Games Store, each priced separately at $2.99. A copy of Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story™ on the same platform is required to play this content.

Also available today is a patch for Nintendo Switch™ players that optimizes performance and adds quality of life improvements, including controller remapping.

For those playing the game through the Netflix mobile app, the K/DA Ziggs, Pro Gamer Ziggs, and True Damage Ziggs skins will be accessible free of charge. The BOOMBOX DLC tracks will not be available to play on Netflix.

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