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Riot Games’ Season 2021 Livestream Announcements


Riot today announced in the Season 2021 livestream a preview of what is in store for players during 2021. It will cover the League Universe across games including League of Legends, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics and news from Esports.

Season 2021 Key Updates

League MOBA

New year, New League.

Key Points:

·  Ruination – Season 2021 Marquee Cinematic can be found here.

·  Viego, the Ruined King, arrives in an all-new CG, bringing a threat that could leave the world in ruin. You can find more details on Viego’s abilities here (this will be available after the livestream).

·  Players have an opportunity to vote on content they want to see added to the game, from champion reworks to skin thematics.

·  The ranked season has begun. Teams can also kick their season off in a Clash tournament on January 16 & 17.

·  Sweeping item changes give players new ways to build their champions in every game.

·  Skins to be expected in 2021 for Fiddlesticks, Tahm Kench, Corki, Camille, Galio, Lulu, Nautilus, Wukong, Nunu, Sejuani, Rumble, Yuumi, Twitch and a lot more to come, as League of Legends team plan to ship over 140 skins this year, including skins for Vayne, Caitlyn, Blitzcrank.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

The League of Legends: Wild Rift team has a ton planned for 2021, and the game offers meaningful new ways for players old and new to engage with the world of League.

Key Points:

·  League of Legends: Wild Rift, the mobile and console version of League, continues its Regional Open Beta.

·  Wild Rift is coming to the Americas in March.

·  Riot’s goals this year are to make the game available to as many players as possible and to continue to release a ton of new content throughout the year, with a big focus on events.

·  Be one of the first to climb the ladder; Wild Rift’s first official ranked season begins this week.

·  Just like the early days of League PC, an average of two champs per month will be released in 2021 – three confirmed future champs are Katarina, Rammus, and the Dr. Mundo update. You can find the Dr Mundo Devblog article here (this will be available after the livestream).

·  Wild Rift ARAM (All Random All Mid) is in development!

·  Explore Runeterra through its littlest champions, with Yordle Expedition, Wild Rift’s most ambitious event so far. Runs through January 2021, featuring Teemo, Lulu, Corki, Tristana, and Kennen. You can find the gameplay trailer here with the Learn More Article here.

Legends of Runeterra

2021 is the year where Legends of Runeterra brings to life two more regions of Runeterra (including Shurima in March), delivers more ways to play with your friends, and gives you exciting new champions like Aphelios (coming February) to collect and master across more modes than ever.

Key Points: 

·  In 2021, our focus is on leveling up our approach to champions and bringing more social features to LoR while continuing to introduce new regions to the game. You can find the Roadmap Update article here.

·  The next region to be added to LoR is the magnificent, ancient land of Shurima. Across three expansions, we’ll explore Shurima’s rich history and bold new future, as well as exciting new gameplay—seek buried relics, predict the future, or tap into the godlike power of the Ascended.

·  This year LoR is focusing on champions more than ever, including new ways to bring you more champions, more often, even outside of our bimonthly expansions. First up is Aphelios, who’s coming to LoR next month! You can find the Aphelios Reveal Article here.

·  We want to give players more ways to enjoy LoR with their friends, starting with our first cooperative Lab coming January 13th. You can find the LoR Co-Op multiplayer article here.We’re also continuing to invest in competition this year, with our next seasonal tournament coming in late February.

Teamfight Tactics

TFT has a lot coming in 2021 the Fates Mid-set and Championship followed by two brand new sets and a new mode before the end of the year.

Key Points:

·  Fates Mid-Set Coming this month. The mindset brings a new ranked stage, champions, traits, and Little Legends to the mythical fantasy world of Fates.

·  The gameplay overview can be found here, while the Fates II Pass and More can be found here.

·  The Fates Championship will be held this spring. Regional qualifiers have already started.

·  Later this spring, TFT’s 5th set will pit a battle of Good vs. Evil in a corrupted convergence.

·  We’ll also be launching a new faster mode of TFT for when you absolutely need to get a game in twenty minutes or less.

SHANGHAI, CHINA- October 31st: The League of Legends 2020 Worlds Finals on October 31, 2020 in Shanghai, China. (Photo by Hugo Hu/Riot Games)


Next Starts Now: The next 10 years of LoL Esports, & the new era of sport, start now.

Key Points:

·  Don’t look back: We’re proud of our history, but we’ve only just begun. New meta, new stars, new attitude. The next decade of League begins now.

o Our Vision: LoL Esports brings joy to billions of fans around the world.

o We are building a thriving, multi-generational global sport.

·  Expanding our esports to new League IP games including…

o Bigger TFT season.

o LoR Competitions.

o Wild Rift on the horizon (more below).

·  Regional leagues rising

o Three regions rebranding (LCK, LCS, CBLoL)

o Two regions moving toward long-term partnerships model aka franchising (LCK, CBLoL)

·  Accessible & Aspirational: League of Legends Esports is accessible to fans across the globe and is now a meaningful life pursuit.

·  Innovative & Memorable: Our innovation and creativity has led to competition and pop-culture moments that resonate with a growing global audience, making League of Legends Esports a top choice for sports and entertainment.

You can find sections of the livestream should you want to watch any parts of it below.
League of Legends
League of Legends: Wild Rift
Teamfight Tactics
Legends of Runeterra

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