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Halloween Spectacle: gamigo games haunted by Skeletons, Pumpkins, Ghosts


Halloween Spectacle: gamigo games haunted by Skeletons, Pumpkins, Ghosts

Enter at your own risk: gamigo’s games are experiencing an influx of scary creatures and mysterious monsters. All the more reason to celebrate! 

Out of nowhere and as a complete surprise to all players, the games of gamigo group once again experience an influx of creatures of horror as well as scary quests and adventures all around in the days leading up to October 31st.

In Trove, the Moon Goddess is in desperate need of help from the players in restoring the moon’s silver glow, urging them to embark on challenging quests. Of course, they will be rewarded with treats and treasure along the way!

ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained are inviting all their players to the Halloween event on Mirage Isle that offers myriads of surprises. Here, they can also soar through the sky on the speediest brooms, looking for the next quest gate to pass through – but they need to watch out, as ghastly ghosts can appear out of thin air and cause various debuffs!

Pumpkins are all the rage in Grand Fantasia and Housekeeper Jelly Rabbit needs all the support he can get to protect his crop. Apart from saving the harvest, players can experience a lot of new content for the occasion, from a new guild dungeon to a series of bosses, gear and rewards.

Players of Defiance 2050 get to experience a ghoulish time in Hulker Hell – the Hulkers have returned to paradise with frightening company: the Afflicted, who’s goal it is to infect all Ark Hunters with a deadly disease. Defeating these fiends in a series of task will grant our heroes mod fusions, synergies and many more rewards.

This Halloween, Shayia players need to be on their toes – not only is the world under attack by a Zombie infestation, also Jack the Skeleton needs help with a mischievous quest. If the players don’t feel like adventuring or saving the world from certain doom, they can follow the sweet sound of the ice cream truck that will, of course, spawn evil enemies to defeat, or go and challenge themselves on the Deep Desert PvP map!

These are only a few of the events and celebrations during Halloween in gamigo’s games – spooky quests and adventures, special rewards and buffs are happening across many more titles, from the colourful worlds of Aura Kingdom, Fiesta Online and Twin Saga to the fantasy lands of Echo of Soul and Last Chaos

Happy gamigoween!

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