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Game Development World Championship 2023 Summer Season has kicked off


Game developers around the world are invited to submit their games for the new season!

Game Development World Championship (GDWC) announces the fresh 2023 Summer Season and invites game developers from around the globe to submit their games and show off their unique projects. Participation is totally free!

GDWC will now be split into two Seasons: Summer and Winter, running roughly half a year. This means more Awards, Prizes, and Exposure for your games. This also means you no longer have to wait a year for the results anymore. Games released after March 1st, 2022 and games still in development can participate. Submissions close at the end of May 2023. Winners announced in July 2023.

“We’re excited to enter a new year of Game Development World Championship with a renewed format offering faster feedback and turnaround for competitors, more opportunities for exposure and visibility, and of course more prizes! We’d also like to extend huge thanks to our awesome sponsors and supporters who have again made the Championship possible, and with whom we are again able to bring up many new exciting categories for games to compete in.” 

 – Olli Mäntylä, Director of GDWC

GDWC has 9 categories for this Season and the whole prize pool is over $100,000! Find them listed below.

  • Action Award for all action games! $8,500 cash prize! And $20,000 worth of partnership deal opportunities. Presented in partnership with Ludeo.
  • VR & AR Awards for all VR and AR Games! $1,000 cash prize for best VR or AR Game, and $7,000 cash prize pool for games implementing Immersal AR SDK! Presented in partnership with Immersal.
  • Best Web3 Game Award for all games using Web3 technologies. Cash prize of $2,500 and other prizes with value of $15,000! Presented in partnership with Sequence.
  • Gcore Cloud Award for all games using Cloud Services with a total prize pool value of $10,000 in service credits! Presented in partnership with Gcore.
  • Made-with-Houdini Award for all games using Houdini tools in any way! Also Procedural Award for all games using procedural generation in any way and with any tools. Winners take home Houdini Core licenses valued at $2,000! Presented in partnership with Houdini.
  • Indie Award – Best Commercial title by smaller team wins a Trip to Finland and visits to Finnish game studios by GDWC!
  • Studio Award – Best Commercial title by larger team wins a Trip to Finland and visits to Finnish game studios by GDWC!
  • Hobby Award – Best Non-Commercial title wins a Trip to Finland and visits to Finnish game studios by GDWC!
  • Mobile Award – Best Mobile title wins a Trip to Finland and visits to Finnish game studios by GDWC!

About GDWC
GDWC stands for the Game Development World Championship, which is an annual global online competition for game developers of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. You’re welcome to submit your game whether you’re a professional developer, a hobbyist, a student, or just interested in game development in general.

For more information please visit: https://thegdwc.com/

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