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Fractured Online Feature Spotlight Series: Temperature and Weather


gamigo and Dynamight Studios hope Closed Beta testers of the first truly dynamic, isometric open-world MMORPG, Fractured Online, packed an extra coat, sandals, and an umbrella because its latest update is adding support for the game’s temperature and weather system.  

Depending on their location, players can find themselves sitting in their comfort zone on a clear, sunny day to then be fighting for their lives as they attempt to survive brutal blizzards, torrential thunderstorms, or severe sleet storms. These weather conditions are a direct result of Fractured Online’s temperature system. And just as temperatures can influence the weather, it will also have an effect on the player’s stats as permanent Chilled or Warm status effects can put a damper on an ongoing adventure.

Chilled and Warm status effects are not exclusive to the temperature system. Player spells can alsocause the status effects to be triggered or negated, depending on the sorcery that’s used.

To learn more about Fractured Online’s temperature and weather system, please visit the latest in our series of Feature Spotlights: https://fracturedonline.com/feature-spotlight-temperature-weather-system/

In addition to today’s feature spotlight, gamigo and Dynamight Studios will be hosting two streams focused on Fractured Online.
Fractured Online – AMA Stream with Dynamight Studios and gamigo

Fractured Online – Council of Elysium Community Livestream 

  • When: May 6, 2022 at 9PM CEST / 12PM PST / 3PM EST
  • Where: https://twitch.tv/gamigogames
  • Why: Since community question submissions for the April 29 stream are currently closed, fans can submit their questions on Discord or on social media. Their questions will then be answered in the next chapter of the Council of Elysium community livestream.

For more information on Fractured Online, please visit the following link: https://linktr.ee/FracturedOnline 

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