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Deep Rock Galactic Roadmap – Future updates!


After an extremely successful launch of Deep Rock Galactic, the developers have aired promise for a lot of upcoming updates over the coming months! Get an overview here!

The launch has seen a lot of new players joining the Company Ranks, a ton of Regulars to help them get started, and a horde of existing players return to the caves of Hoxxes. So now it’s time to look forward and talk about the future of Deep Rock Galactic. 


In the process of finishing the 1.0 build, we had to leave a handful of new features and content behind. But now we are dusting them off and have decided to quickly put together a new update. This first post-launch update, called Update 31 for now, should be released in about 3-4 weeks time, so early to mid June. It will include 3 new Secondary Mission Objectives which we’d hoped to have ready 1.0, but they needed a bit more time in the pot. The new Secondary Objectives will help add more variation to all missions and is a good example of the overall goal we have for the new roadmap. Check the roadmap picture below for details on this post-launch update.


We’ve had a survey running in the Exit Game menu for several months now, asking you what you’d like us to focus on. The votes are in, and an overwhelming number of you simply want more of what’s already there, more variety. This aligns perfectly with our own desires to get our focus back onto the game’s cave content, and that’s reflected in our sparkly new Roadmap below, and the headlines of the upcoming Updates. At its core, this is a game about action and exploration in alien caves, and we can’t wait to get back into the production of new Missions, new Biomes and new Enemy types to make this better than ever. Update 32 will arrive in Q3, so because of summer vacation (yes, even devs go on vacation) do expect quite a bit of waiting time before it lands. 

Alongside the 1.0 launch of the game, two new cosmetic DLCs have been released – and the price of the game is the same as it was a year ago. The thinking here is to allow existing fans to show their ongoing support of the game by letting them purchase a pack of cosmetic DLC now and then, if they so choose. This is a model we’ll likely keep to, going forward. This lets us keep expanding on the base game and keeping the major content updates free as they should be, while getting us a bit of funding through purely optional cosmetic DLC. To those that aren’t fans of this though, don’t despair – as always, there will be more cosmetics to unlock ingame just by playing too.

The core message here is: We will keep supporting the game and deliver new free content for as long as we have fans that support us. And the feedback we get from you in our growing community will continue to help us prioritize and focus on the things the game needs. So…keep mining, Miners. And keep being as awesome as you have been so far – your support continues to be heartwarming and invaluable.

For more information, please see https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/548430/view/4139316467768179343

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