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Deep Rock Galactic patch notes


As Deep Rock Galactic is getting ready to go full throttle release mode with the 1.0 on this coming Wednesday, the developers have shared a greeting with a list of the updates and improvements we can expect to see from this coming Wednesday.

Hello Miners! For the last two months, we’ve been prepping Deep Rock Galactic for going 1.0. Our time during this Update has been mostly spent on getting the game as ready for launch as possible – and that has meant a focus on fixing bugs and tweaking numbers. You’ve seen a lot of this in the latest stream of Hotfixes already – which helps us by giving us some time to react to feedback from you guys, and allows us to get the game as stable as we possibly can for launch. 

This marks the end of more than two years of Early Access development. It feels almost unreal, and we could not have asked for a better community than you guys to have along for the ride. We are super, super excited to leave Early Access and seeing where the game will go from here. And fear not…we are far from done adding to DRG!

Rock And Stone!
With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew


For the last year we have been working on a Vol. II of the soundtrack for DRG – and it is finally here – allowing you to mine, fight and groove to 14 completely new tracks of synthy, bassy goodness! Deep Rock Galactic needs to invest in some bigger speakers…NOW!

As you increase your Player Rank, you will get access to special Prestige Assignments. Completing them will reward you with full sets of Pickaxe parts, Armor skins and new Helmets. Prestige Assignments are unlocked at Player Rank 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75 and 100.    

Believe it or not but now there are 3 more Tiers above Gold, when you are promoting your dwarves! So this is mainly gonna be a show-off thing for super veteran players who have been investing blood, sweat and a lot of time in Deep Rock Galactic. We salute you! 

– [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Added a separate volume slider for Mission Control. Don’t tell Management!
– [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Improved head bob scaling to now affect more animations
– [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Added a separate Camera Shake slider, to be able to scale  down camera shakes to your liking
– [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Added an option to invert x-axis for the camera when you are downed
– Added a few missing Laser Pointer names for the Machine Events
– Added Patch Notes to the Escape Menu
– Machine Events now explode if the Drop Pod lands on them
– Added new miscellaneous ambient sounds throughout the game
– Added new sounds to the Terminals in the Spacerig
– Updated and improved the sound of the Lootbug
– Replaced the old chairs in the Medbay with new models
– Spacerig performance optimization
– Reload animations now play in third-person when you are sprinting
– Added an extra collider on the Minehead of Point Extraction missions to prevent Aquarqs from disappearing in the drills below the Minehead
– Button input prompts that do not have icons no-longer show a long name but just the button’s character itself
– Fixed a bug that enabled large waves of enemies to spawn in Point Exactrion while fighting a Machine Event
– Tweaked font size & color for the Assignment Complete window
– Fixed bugs in the terrain generation causing tunnels to not lead completely to the caves.
– Fixed a mesh error in the Personal Cabins
– Fixed a bug that prevented players from hosting games after resetting progress
– Fixed a bug that caused the collider of unwoken Spitball Infectors to be too big when using the Laser Pointer
– Fixed a bug that caused Spitball Infectors to shoot in weird directions if you step behind cover just as it starts shooting
– Fixed a bug that caused weapon fire sounds to linger if a player disconnects while shooting
– Adjusted the pathfinding capabilities of the Naedocyte Breeder to better avoid clipping with terrain
– Fixed a bug in the sound of the ceiling rocks in the Salt Pits region
– Fixed a bug that enabled the player to salute while aiming the Laser Pointer
– Extended the invulnerability effect for late-joining players to a few seconds after landing
– Fixed a bug with decals showing in the Terrain Scanner
– Fixed several collision-related issues on the Space Rig
– Fixed a bug that enabled Glyphid idle sounds to play while frozen
– Fixed Cryo Cannon charge gauge to not jitter so much
– Fixed a bug that caused the Hazard Level setting to not update for clients if the host only changes the Hazard Level and not the entire mission
– Fixed a bug that enabled Mini MULEs to spawn on top of Machine Events
– Fixed a bug that enabled the Drop Pod to land below Machine Events and other similar objects
– Fixed a bug that caused the Graphics options menu to not fit 4:3 aspect ratio
– Fixed a bug that caused the Loadout slots to overlap description texts
– Adjusted the location of the Promotion Terminal activation prompt
– Fixed a bug that caused some Spacerig Terminals to not show a title on their monitor
– Fixed several ‘New Item Available’ notification issues on various Spacerig Terminal monitors
– Fixed a bug that caused BET-C to be overly aggressive towards newly tamed Glyphids by continuously shooting at them after being tamed. Easy there, BET-C. 
– Fixed a bug that caused players to be unable to be revived if they died while on a Zipline
– Fixed a bug that enabled the Escape Pod to land in impossible to reach locations like the top of a Resupply Pod tunnel
– Fixed a bug with Dash activating unreliably for players with hold-to-sprint preferences
– Fixed a bug that enabled the Laser Pointer to be equipped for downed players
– Fixed a bug that caused Cryo Cannon and Flamethrower particles to suddenly disappear if you unequip the weapon while firing
– Fixed a bug that caused players to be unarmed if they are interrupted while doing certain actions
– Fixed a bug that caused Mixer nametags to have collision and block bullets
– Ebonite Glyphids can no longer be targeted by Bosco or Sentry Guns
– Fixed a bug that enabled the Impact Axe to damage yourself at certain angles
– Fixed a bug that caused Tutorial Hints related to Bosco to show without Bosco being in the mission
– Fixed a bug that prevented Pickaxe animations from playing in third-person after a Power Attack
– Fixed a client-sided synchronization bug that enabled the Shield Generator to fall through walls
– Fixed a bug related to the statistics of how many Matrix Cores the player has forged
– Removed a black artifact on the Pickaxe Terminal
– Fixed extraction music stopping too early if a wave hits just before you press the button to call for the Drop Pod
– Fixed pricing for the Armor Breaking mod on the Breach Cutter 
– Increased the draw distance of Alien Egg debris
– Fixed a bug that caused the character preview of the Scout and the Engineer in the ESC menu to be angled differently than the Gunner and the Driller
– [XBOX] Fixed an issue that caused controllers to trigger signout changed warnings when disconnected
– [XBOX] Lighting optimization tweaks
– [UWP] Fixed a bug that prevented backspace from working when text chatting

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