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29 februar 2024

Crisp quality audio more accessible than ever: Introducing FiFine x DELE line of audio products


DELE Nordic and FiFine have come together and co-branded audio products that are specially designed for gamers and streamers. Even though quality always comes with a price, nobody said that the price has to be extremely high. FiFine’s array of products offers great value for a variety of use-cases.

FiFine is an audio brand that was founded only in 2009. Although being a young brand in the audio industry, FiFine’s in-house R&D and quality control ensures the production of high-quality audio equipment with high standards. In 2020, Fifine and DELE began developing products in collaboration and that’s how FiFine x DELE was born. The collection is specifically designed with the gamer in mind and the products are manufactured with the latest components to ensure the best build and audio quality.

FiFine’s USB microphones are designed to be as effortless to use as possible. Just plug your microphone to the device using the USB cable and you’re all set. FiFine’s cardioid microphones ensure that your sound stays crisp at all times. Stylish boom arms combined with practical mounts and pop filters create a luxurious setting for streams and videos.

“We believe that good audio quality should be accessible to everyone and strive to ensure this with our FiFine x DELE line of products” – DELE Nordic

All the top quality yet budget friendly products include the famous extended Nordic warranty.

Take a look at FiFine x DELE products at https://delenordic.com/collections/fifine.

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