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18 juni 2024

Cleanse the “Night Stalkers Hideout” in Fiesta Online


Once again, corruption takes its toll and players must free a new dungeon in Fiesta Online

gamigo is happy to announce that the latest patch for its anime MMO Fiesta Online is available today. This update for the game will offer a new dungeon to free from Corruption for players lvl 135 to 140 and several new quests to complete with new monsters and new items.

In the beginning, players are sought after and informed of troublesome developments in the Celestial Gardens. The ogre Kalzar has disappeared and for some time now, Kathleen wanted to learn about his whereabouts. She asks the players to support her in her search and to embark on a journey to find him. The trail leads them to the Celestial Mine where the Night Stalkers reside. Their leaders — the twins Elder and Emmit — devised a plan to gain more power and to pillage the resources of the mine to obtain riches. They had infected Kalzar with Corruption in order to make him the protector of their treasures. It will be the players’ task to clear the dungeon and free him.

If players are successful in their quest, precious accessories that hold mysterious powers wait for them. And if players are more into outer appearances, they can get a new outfit, three new pets and can select between different weapon and shield skins.

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