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15 juli 2024

Riot Games Announces VALORANT Patch Notes 3.02


Riot Games today reveal VALORANT Patch Notes 3.02 – More bug fixes in this patch while we continue to evaluate those large Episode 3 changes—especially KAY/O’s overall impact.


  • Changes made to how clipping is calculated, which should result in less clipping overall in your gameplay

Yes, things are still going to clip, but you will see a noticeable lack of hands, melees, abilities, and general effects poking through thin walls.


  • Added a space between the Match Rank and Leaderboard Ranking for Immortal+ rankings in the Hover Card UI



  • Sage can no longer place her Barrier Orb between the pyramids on Breeze to create a sliver peek

“Sliver peek” refers to a very small gap created by sandwiching two things and creating an advantageous line of sight.

  • ?  Fixed KAY/O’s textures applying themselves to weapons when he is re-stabilized during NULL/cmd(X)
  • ?  Removed the ability to place Raze’s Boombot through some walls


  • ?  Fixed a bug where the Team-voice volume sliders would always reset to 50

Hooray! That’s the sound of us thanking you for your patience.

  • ?  Fixed a bug where the scrollbar in the Social Panel would sometimes display incorrectly
  • ?  Fixed the pixelated border surrounding the Unranked icon in the Hover Card UI
  • ?  Fixed an issue where the blurred background would sometimes make friend notes

illegible in the Hover Card UI

  • ?  Fixed a bug where the VCT Masters Reykjavik Winner Title would get overlapped by the

Player Card in the Hover Card UI

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