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Old fantasy legends meet the cyberpunk future in action-adventure FARSIDERS


GambitGhost Studio, a game development studio filled with passionate and dedicated souls, announces that its upcoming debut title FARSIDERS is live on Kickstarter today.

FARSIDERS is a real-time top-down hack-and-slash adventure game based on real world Arthurian legends. All the story-driven action is set in a stylized futuristic cyberpunk world abundant with technology and magic, where time travel is one of the core elements of the storyline. Players adventure through an intense story to meet legendary heroes, discover new spell cards, battle and perform various fancy fighting skills against historical villains, and save the world from this new imminent threat.

Main Features:

  • Unleash your skills and face over 30 different types of enemies
  • Fight against thrilling bosses with unforgettable unique mechanics
  • Upgrade Technology and Magic to get stronger & survive
  • Weapon attachments will give a unique passive upgrade resulting in a new user experience
  • Unlock magical energy flow called Anima, and manipulate this energy by using Aether, the magic container in the form of a skill tree
  • Become a Farsider & use Spell cards from Tellune – Collect as many spell cards as possible and combine them with your favorite Spectek weapons to fit your playstyle and defeat your enemy with a deadly blow!

FARSIDERS amps up your gaming experience with absolutely stunning original music composed by Laryssa Okada, an amazing audio producer of Halo and more! Take a listen at https://soundcloud.com/gambitghost-thailand

FARSIDERS Kickstarter campaign runs from April 5th, 2023 to May 5th, 2023. Follow the progress and show your support at:

Follow FARSIDERS on Twitter: @FarsidersGame & join the official Discord server.

About GambitGhost Studio
GambitGhost Studio is a Thai game development studio founded in 2020. Their head office is currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. The studio aims to produce high quality, story driven video games. Unlike most new indie studios, they put a lot of resources into creating high-end graphics and animation in order to create a new, unique yet beautiful new world/culture to enhance the player’s experience. GambitGhost Studio’s method is to combine game design with data analytic to create a new but truly satisfying experience.www.gambitghost.com

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