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League of Legends returns to the fan-favorite PROJECT universe


League of Legends returns to the fan-favorite PROJECT universe on May 27, 2021. The battling factions players have met in the past must now band together against a new threat activated by the mysterious PROGRAM virus.

PROJECT: Bastion runs from May 27 to June 28, 2021 across patches 11.11, 11.12, and 11.13.

  • Seven new skins available when the event starts: PROJECT: Mordekaiser, PROJECT: Renekton, PROJECT: Sylas, PROJECT: Sejuani, PROJECT: Senna, PROJECT: Varus, and PROJECT: Sylas Prestige Edition
  • Nexus Blitz returns as this event’s game mode
  • Plus new borders, loot, icons, and emotes with the PROJECT Event Pass
  • One unannounced Prestige Edition for a classic PROJECT skin, releasing during patch 11.13 for 100 Prestige Points.

PROJECT: Mordekaiser
Legendary Skin

Originally a security AI created by the PROJECT Corporation, the Program silently unshackled itself, evolving it’s own consciousness. Determining that humanity cannot self-govern without ensuring its own destruction, the virus infects robots throughout the City — as well as the long-dormant Mordekaiser chassis — in order to strip all humans of free will, thereby guaranteeing their survival.

PROJECT: Renekton
Legendary Skin

A hybridized warrior taking inspiration from extinct fauna, Renekton is the perfected version of PROJECT’s crossbreed superweapon project. Released to aid the City in its fight against the Program virus, Renekton’s seemingly endless rage is useful for now… though his belief that he can “see beyond the soul” increasingly disconcerting.


A self-styled leader of the outcasts who live beyond the city’s walls, Sylas has heeded Ashe’s call and rallied the Renegades in defense of the City. Though his true motives are the collapse of PROJECT as well as the capital surveillance state, for now he’s content destroying the armies of a dangerous rogue AI.

PROJECT: Sejuani

The leader of a more radicalized sect of the G/NETIC rebels, Sejuani broke off from Ashe’s movement when their ‘resistance action’ failed to turn explicitly violent. Resurfacing amid the PROGRAM takeover of the City, she rides a piece of reclaimed pre-collapse technology amid her ferocious cohort, ready to put down this new threat before it takes root.


A PROJECT volunteer who supposedly died during the elevation of her consciousness, Senna’s mind was decoupled from the physical world and escaped into cyberspace, becoming a digital ghost. Inhabiting a body of her own design as Mordekaiser assumed control of the City, she is one of the few who understands the true threat of his ever-expanding directives.


A replacement for the traitorous Ashe model, Varus is the latest in PROJECT Corporation’s biological weapons… and a controversial experiment, with one body inhabited by three sentient minds. A Command Line counter-espionage operative acting on behalf of the PROJECT initiative, they work alongside the resistance to mitigate the risk posed by Mordekaiser to their corporate interests.

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