mandag, 6 juli, 2020

Riot Games to create new Legends of Runeterra art during live stream!

RIOT GAMES TO CREATE NEW LEGENDS OF RUNETERRA ART DURING LIVE STREAM Riot Games is giving behind-the-scenes access to its Legends of Runeterra art team with the introduction of ‘Draw...

Deep Rock Galactic Roadmap – Future updates!

After an extremely successful launch of Deep Rock Galactic, the developers have aired promise for a lot of upcoming updates over the coming months! Get an overview here! The launch...

Nordic Game goes online 2020 for the whole world to attend

Watch your favorite games battle for glory, then meet their creators! Since 2006, Nordic Game has presented the Nordic Game Awards, an annual celebration of the year’s very best Nordic...

Deep Rock Galactic patch notes

As Deep Rock Galactic is getting ready to go full throttle release mode with the 1.0 on this coming Wednesday, the developers have shared a greeting with a list...

Raze from Brazil now invades Valorant!

Please meet the next VALORANT Agent. Her name is Raze, she is from Brazil and her motto is ‘’Just me, my squadzinho and a few tons of dynamite!"