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Riot Games announces VALORANT Act 3 Battlepass, new map, character and skins


Riot Games today have some exciting announcements in relation to VALORANT with the Act 3 Battlepass, Singularity Skin Line and Icebox map which will launch on October 13th, while the new character Skye will launch on October 27th.

The VALORANT Act 3 Battlepass will contain a series of unique unlockables, including gun skins, upgradeable gun skin variants, gun buddies, sprays, player cards, player titles, and Radianite points. The Battlepass will cost 1000 VP.

The Singularity Skin Line represents a powerful, abstract and mysterious futuristic set of skins that are available from 2,175 VP for the Sheriff, Spectre, Phantom and Ares while the Melee weapon will be 4,350 VP and the total bundle cost including the Singularity Player Card, Spray, Gun Buddy at 8,700 VP.


The new character, Skye, hails from Australia with her creations hampering the enemy with abilities, healing teammates and tracking down enemies.

The new Icebox map is a secret Kingdom excavation site overtaken by the artic. With two plant sites protected by snow and metal that require some horizontal finesse. Players can take advantage of ziplines for fast horizontal traversal.

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